Journal tytul The Animal Biology

Certificate of State registration of print media: No. КВ 21158-10958ПР of 23.01.2015.

Aims and Scope: physiology and biochemistry, veterinary medicine, nutrition and feeding animals, breeding and selection, morphology, cellular and molecular biology, immunology, genetics, ecology and toxicology, cytology, microbiology, biotechnology; reviews on actual problems of biology; methodical works describing new or improved research methods; articles about the history of biological, agricultural and veterinary sciences highlighting the evolution of ideas, the conception and development of scientific schools or dedicated to creative portraits of scientists; discussion reviews of the new books and the journal publications; scientific chronicle.

Edition: journal

Type of edition: scientific

Published since: 1998

Periodicity: 4 times per year

ISSN: 1681-0015 (printed version), 2313-2191 (on-line)

Language: Ukrainian, English

Founder: Institute of Animal Biology, National Academy of Agrarian Sciences (NAAS) of Ukraine

 Editor-in-chief: Yriy Salyha, Dr. Sc.

Scientific Editor: Ihor Vudmaska, Dr. Sc.

Editorial secretary: Olexandra Grabovska, Ph.D

Editorial Office: Institute of Animal Biology NAAS, 38 Stus street, Lviv, 79034, Ukraine

Tel. / Fax: +38 (032) 260–07–95

E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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