Bìol. Tvarin. 2020; 22 (2).

The Animal Biology, Volume 22, no. 2, 2020

Stapaj P. V., Stakhiv N. P., Havryliak V. V., Smolianinova O. O., Tyutyunnyk O. S.
Lipid nutrition of sheep

Zakhariv O. Ya., Vudmaska I. V., Petruk A. P.
Features of lipid synthesis from [2-14C] acetate in liver and intestinal mucosa of piglets

Ostapiv R. D., Lukashchuk O. I., Samaryk V. Ya., Nagornyak M. I., Varvarenko S. M.
Influence of single oral administration of taurine-dextrin associate on concentration of amino acids in rat plasma

Stetsko T. I.
Efficiency of danofloxacin in treatment of pig colibacteriosis

Koleschuk O. I., Kovalchuk I. I., Tsap M. M., Khomyn M. M.
Detoxification processes in the cows fed nickel citrate supplement at late pregnancy and first months of lactation

Khalak V. I., Kozyr V. S., Grabovska O. S.
The different inbreed differentiation sows’ reproductive qualities according to some mathematical models and economic effectiveness of their use

Slivinska O., Iskra R.
The corrective effect of chromium and zinc citrates on NO-synthase activity of erythrocytes in rats with streptozotocin diabetes

Seliukova N. Yu., Laryanovska Yu. B., Volokhov I. V., Morozenko D. V., Dotsenko R. V., Zemlianskyi A. O., Misiura K. V.
Morphofunctional changes in testes of rats born to mothers with simulated fetoplacental insufficiency and its correction

Astafurov Yu.
Features of the cultivation of the eastern subtropic freshwater shrimp Macrobranchium nipponense (De HAAN 1849) of the lower Dnister in the conditions of circulatory water use systems

Ketsa O. V., Kutsak N. B., Marchenko M. M.
Effect of laser irradiation on xanthine oxidase activity and superoxide radical generation in rat liver cytosol fraction

Kucheruk N. D., Zasekin D. A.
Laying hens feeding in organic farming





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