The procedure for reviewing manuscripts of articles in the journal "The Animal Biology"

1. The editorial board of the journal “Animal Biology” accepts manuscripts that meet the requirements. The vice-editor or science editor decide about the accordance of article to the journal profile and appoint reviewers and the secretary send the copy of the article to two experts for review. The manuscript passes “single-blind” review — the reviewer is aware of the author, the author of the reviewer is not.

2. After receiving the article, the reviewer reviews the materials for 10 days. In the presence of any competing interests, the reviewer has the right to refuse to review and notify the editorial board or secretary. The review periods in a particular case may vary for the most objective evaluation of the materials.

3. The interaction between the author and the reviewers is carried out through the secretary.

4. The degree of correspondence of the author’s text of articles is determined using the freeware service “eTXT Antiplagiat”.

5. After final analysis of the article, the reviewer sends a review, the secretary informs the author of the review results by e-mail.

6. If the reviewer indicates the necessity of making certain corrections to the text, the article is sent the author with the suggestion to take into account the comments or to argue them to refuse them. To the revised article, the author adds a letter, which contains answers to all comments and explains the changes made in the article. The corrected version of the article is re-submitted to the reviewer. The date of the article is considered the date of receipt by the editorial staff of the positive opinion of the reviewer.

7. In case of disagreement with the opinion of the reviewer, the author of the article has the right to provide an argued response to the editorial board of the journal, which is considered at the meeting of the editorial council. The editorial board reserves the right to reject articles in case of an author’s failure or reluctance to take into account the comments of reviewers who may refer the article for additional or new review to another expert.

8. The final decision is carried out by the editorial board after approve by the Academic Council of the Institute of Animal Biology of the National Academy of Sciences, after which the responsible secretary informs the author of the expected publication period. In some cases, according to the decision of the editorial council and agreement with the reviewers, the article may be published in out-of-turn, in the nearest issue of the magazine.

9. The article approved for publication shall be submitted to the technical editor. Manuscripts in the form of a layout of articles are returned to the author for approval.

10. The authors and reviewers are responsible for the reliability of the above facts and data, the validity of the conclusions and the scientific and practical level of the article.




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