thE dynamics of the activity of chorionic gonadotropin stabilized by mannitOL and sucrose at prolonged conservation

Yu. I.Slyvchuk

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Institute of Animal Biology NAAS,V. Stusa Street 38, Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The studies of effects of various doses of mannitol and sucrose on the preservation of the activity of dissolved human chorionic hormone (HCH) have been performed.Human chorionic hormone from urine of pregnant women (12th–16th week of gestation), obtained in the Institute of Animal Biology by the technique of filtration and precipitation by alcohol, acetone and ammonium acetate, was used in the investigations.In 1 mg of obtained raw material of human chorionic hormone, the concentration of molecules of free β-subunit of the chorionic hormone, as well as that of total human chorionic hormone (the sum of intact human chorionic hormone and free β-subunit) was established by means immunochemoluminiscent techniques.Its activity was established on the basis of the difference between the concentrations of total and free chorionic hormone.The gonadotropin was diluted with phosphate-salt buffer (pH 7.34) and aliquoted by 2500 mIU/l.Two experiments were performed, differing by the sugar introduced as a stabilizer (mannitol/sucrose) and consisting of 3 experimental and control series of samples.Experimental groups differed between themselves by the concentration of mannitol and sucrose added to stabilize the gonadotropin.The samples were placed into a thermostat at a temperature of 40 °С.Every 2 weeks during two months the activity of the gonadotropin was established, on the basis of the difference between concentrations of total and free human chorionic hormone.It was demonstrated that the addition of sucrose in the amount of 75 mg/cm3 to the HCH dissolved in phosphate buffer ensures a sufficiently high level of the hormone activity during prolonged conservation in a thermostat at 40 °С.The addition of 50–75 mg/cm3 of mannitol dissolved in phosphate buffer ensures a high level of the activity of the hormone (62.98 and 71.28 per cent) during 4 weeks.


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