Bìol. Tvarin, 2016, Volume 18, Issue 3, pp. 53–59



S. M. Kolyada, Y. F. Rivis

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Institute of Animal Biology NAAS,
38 Vasyl Stus str., Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The effect of the metal oxide and zeolite in the ration of the cows in summer period on the content of fatty acids of total lipids in rumen fluid, milk productivity and milk composition are studied in this work.

Three groups of Ukrainian black white breed cows were formed in first half of lactation. The cows of control, I and II experimental groups from May till July grazed on pasture with a young grass-legumes. In addition, the experimental cows got a feed (4.0 kg per head and 100 g per 1 kg of milk). The feed included the following mineral elements: magnesium, cobalt, zinc and copper. Cows of I research group as part of feed received characteristic mixture of zeolite minerals with the following chemical composition (the mass fraction): SiO2 — 70.0; Al2O3 — 12.0; Fe2O3 — 1.0; FeO — 0.6; TiO2 — 0.1; MnO — 0.1; P2O5 — 0.1; K2O — 3.1; Na2O — 1.8; SO3 — 0.1; CaO — 7.1; MgO — 4.0. Cows of II experimental group as part of feed were fed by zeolite. Number of minerals and zeolite in the fodder for the cows of I and II experimental groups was 0.4 g/kg of body weight. In the end of experimental period samples of rumen fluid were taken for laboratory researches. The selected samples were tested for content of fatty acids of total lipids.

For cows fed by mass of green grass-legume pastures, feed, metal oxides, and especially zeolite powder before morning feeding, the content of fatty acids of total lipids increased due to increasing saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids, and at 2th hour after feeding it decreased by the content of saturated and monounsaturated fatty acids. Feeding cows with a mass of green grass-legume pastures, feed, metal oxides, and especially zeolite powder led to significant increase of average milk yield. Simultaneously, in the milk of cows which were further fed with zeolite, a level of protein, fat and lactose significantly increased. The content of fatty acids of total lipids in rumen fluid, milk yield and composition of milk changes more intensively when feeding cows with grass-legume pastures and forage zeolite powder with the green mass.


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