YuVVdovychenko1, LOOmelchenko1, VONaidenova2

1Ascania Nova Institute of Animal Breeding in the Steppe Regions named after M.F.Ivanov National Scientific Selection-Genetics Center for Sheep Breeding, ChervonoarmiyskaStr.,1, Set. Ascania Nova, Chaplinka District,

Kherson Region, 75230, Ukraine

2Ascanian DSHDS IRA NAAS,40 years of Victory Street, 16, v. Tavrychanka, Kahovka district, Kherson region, 74862, Ukraine

The ecological situation in Ukraine led to the degradation of the environment, excessive pollution of surface and groundwater, air and land. The way out of this critical situation is the development of organic farming in order to produce clean, safe and healthy for human meat, the production of which does not harm the environment and ensures the welfare of animals. Especially dangerous are heavy metals and their compounds that enter the human body by the scheme soil–plant–animal–livestock products–people.

In this work the heavy metals Copper (Cu), Lead (Pb), Cadmium (Cd) in beef calves southern beef breed in growing them in a system of organic production, the contents of these elements in soil and grown feedstuffs and their transformation into the soil–plant–animal–livestock products.

The study was conducted at the «Fota» Amvrosiivska district, Donetsk region in southern bull beef breeds reared under organic production technology. It is established that the content of heavy metals in soil test sites is significantly lower MAC (maximum allowable concentration) for compounds Cu 6.6 times; Pb 4.7; Cd 60; Zn 2.15 times. In the feed grown on test plots (pasture grass, hay and espartsette sudan grass, silage corn, barley straw, barley and maize), the content of total forms of heavier metals also lower MAC: Cu in 1.62.23 times (MPC 6.6 mg/kg), Pb 8.510.9; Zn 2.24 times; Cd 30150 times.From soil to feed transformed 15.3224.15 % Cu, 6.6015.8 Pb, 0.8519.23 Cd, 77.591.4 % Zn.

Content of heavy metals in beef calves on average: Cu 0.745 ± 0.01 mg/kg (lim 0.781.73 mg/kg), which is 6.71 times lower than the MCL (5 mg/kg); Pb 0.28 ± 0.03 mg/kg (lim 0.070.46 mg/kg), 1.78 times lower than the MCL (0.5 mg / kg). Cadmium in beef is not found in any sample. From food to beef transformed 18.929.8 % of Copper, Lead 52.873.7 %. The highest rate is set to lead the transformation of corn silage on average 73.7 % (lim 28.997.3 %).

It was established that the degree of absorption of heavy metals in feed beef is much higher than from soil to feed.

Keywords: SOUTH meat breed, beef, TRANSFORMATION, organic production, heavy metals, the maximum allowable concentration, environmental safety

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