Е. I. Smolyaninova1, V. A. Shigimaga2, O. A. Strikha1, L. I. Popivnenko1, Е. А. Gordienko1


1 The Institute for Problems of Cryobiology and Cryomedicine, National Academy of Science in Ukraine, Pereyaslivska Str., 23, Kharkiv, 61015, Ukraine

2The Institute of Animal Breeding, National Academy of Agriculture Sciencein Ukraine,

GvardeyskoiArmiiStr., 3/7, Kulinichi, 62404, KharkivRegion, Ukraine


Improvement of assisted reproductive technologies connected with a search of additional criteria and technique for gametes quality estimation and determination. Use of domestic and laboratory animals as scientific models for the females infertility overcoming is good alternative to BioMedicine. Well-known it is that oocytes morphology is important criteria for further embryo development as well as for the future state of health of newborn offspring.

The aim of the work is determination of electric conductivity (EC) for murine oocytes at various maturation stages retrieved from females after hormone stimulation.

TheEC of murine oocytes has been determined by method of electric conductivity measurement (conductometry). Ithasbeenshownthatoocytepopulationisheterogeneous by maturation degree due to hormonal oestus induction causing the ovulation of the follicles at the different stages of growth. At the measurement of commonelectricconductivityofoocytesharvestedfrom females afterhormone induction of oestrus, a substantial amplitudeoscillation at the resistance of different oocytes to an electric impulsebeen revealed.

The gametes that classified as similar by maturation stage assessed as those that had the same EC. For oocytes with compact cumulus the measurement lies in the range from 27.4±10.9 to 77.9±29.3 µS/cm. The EC is significantly lower with probability (p<0.05) for oocytes in metaphase II and varies from 13.4±3.74 to 19.4±6.31 µSm.The oocytes EC reflects gametes’ functionalprosperity and maturation degree. A high accuracy of electric impulse parameter setting and a capability to measure biological micro objects allow to consider the method of impulse electronic conductometry as a promising experimental approach to express-estimation of female gametes prosperity as well as the electroporation protocol use in assisted reproductive technologies

Keywords: oocyte, FOLLICLES, electroporation, electric conductivity, electric breakdown

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