Effect of the «Remivital» on parameters of carbohydrate metabolism in cows, affected with ketosis

M. Simonov


Institute of Animal Biology of the NAAS, V. Stusa str., 38, Lviv, 79034, Ukraine

At the present day there are many treatment regimens used in case of ketosis in dairy cows, the most widespread among them is the one with administration of glucoplastic preparations, for example, propylene glycol in combination with intravenous injections of glucose solutions. However, administration of such scheme of medicamentous therapy is most effective in case of subclinical forms of disease, when hepatic injury is not observed. Reasoning from this, our research objective was to establish the effect of the «Remivital» on carbohydrate metabolism in high-yielding dairy cows with clinical ketosis. The agent «Remivital» was developed in the Institute of Animal Biology of the NAAS, and contains fructose, amino acids and vitamin B complex. The study was conducted on cows of Holstein breed with milk yield above 8000 kg per previous lactation, which had signs of clinical ketosis. Animals were divided into two study groups. Animals in the first study group for 5 days received conventional scheme of medicamentous therapy (including propylene glycol, intravenous administration of glucose solution and intramuscular insulin injections). Animals in the second group for 5 days received analogous with the first group dose of propylene glycol in combination with intravenous injections of «Remivital». After five days of medicamentous therapy in experimental animals following changes were observed: improvement of general condition, absence of ketonuria, and recovery of carbohydrate metabolism, which manifested through significant increase of plasma level of glucose, insulin, glycogenic amino acids, and decrease of the levels of ketogenic amino acids, pyruvic and lactic acids. Conducted comparison of the efficacy of two indicated regimens of therapy, has showed, that the agent «Remivital» in combination with oral administration of propylene glycol was more effective than combination of glucose, insulin and propylene glycol, which may be associated with hepatoprotective properties of «Remivital».


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