DEVELOPMENT OF VITAMIN-hormonal phytopreparations for the prevention of perinatal pathologies of sheep and goats

P. M. Sklyarov 1, V. P. Koshevoy 2, S. Y. Fedorenko 2

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1 Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian University, Department of clinical diagnostics and internal diseases of animal,
str. Kosmichna, 119, Dnipropetrovsk, 49100

2 Kharkiv State Zooveterinary Academy, Department of obstetrics, gynecology, biotechnology and animal breeding,
village Mala Danylivka, Dergachivsky district, 
Kharkiv region, 62341

The successful conduct of the livestock industry due to the need of regulation and correction of reproductive function of animals, resulting in search of modern, safe and practical methods of using hormones.In view of the developed and derived from plant material from vitamin-hormones preparations Kagadin and Karaphest that are part of a comprehensive program for prevention of perinatal pathology, introduction which provides an increase on 9.1 % in the number of animals with a satisfactory clinical condition and high development potential and a decrease on 10.1 % the number of animals with poor clinical condition and low development potential, particularly among lambs and goats respectively +11.0 % and +7.2 % and –13.3 % and –6.9 %. In addition, it was found to decrease the incidence on 9.1 % (on 11.9 % — among lambs, and on 6.4 % — among kids) and on 6.2 % mortality of animals (on 9.6 % and 2.9 % — among lambs, and kids), and reducing the duration of dilation of the cervix on 0.19 h (0.23 h — in sheep and 0.16 h — in goats), expulsion of thelamb — on 5.47 min (on 5.70 min — in sheep and 5.25 min — in goats) and expulsion of the afterbirth — on 4.01 min (on 5.46 min — in sheep and 2.56 min — in goats) and the number of animals of postnatal pathology — on 6.7 % (on 5.6 % — in sheep and 7.9 % — in goats).

A program using vitamin-hormonal phytopreparationsis effective at the level proposed earlier method of increasing the viability of newborn lambs and kids and prevention of pathological lambing in sheep and goats, which simplifies the method of oral drugs compared with intra–abdominal, and therefore it provides a wider practical use.

Keywords: sheep, goats, lambs, kids, prevention, perinatal pathology, VITAMIN-hormonal phytopreparations, KAgADIN, KARAphEST

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