V. V. Vlizlo, R. J. Iskra, R. S. Fedoruk

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Institute of Animal Biology NAAS,
38 V. Stus St, Lviv 79034, Ukraine

The article contains analysis of the results and prospects of development of nanobiotechnology research and application of nanomaterials in biology, human and veterinary medicine. The ways and methods of studying of structural changes in biological and biophysical processes in natural biological systems and their facilities for the actions of nanomaterials are shown. The usage of chelates, based on nanoparticles of biogenic metals, in food and feed additives, usage of diagnostic methods of nanobiotechnology of diseases in humans and animals, nanocarriers designing drugs and vaccine adjuvants, the influence of metal nanoparticles on the viability of gametes, reproductive function and resistance of animals are analyzed.

The role of leading institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine and National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine, and in particular, Institute of animal biology NAAS is in shaping priorities in the implementation and development nanobiotechnology research in Ukraine. The current state and prospects of nanotechnology in biology, medicine and veterinary medicine is analyzed. The necessity for expansion nanobiotechnology research in fundamental areas forming on the basis of priority innovative government programs to attract modern material and technical base and equipment of leading scientific and methodical centers, training on these areas researchers of higher qualification and their training in leading international scientific centers is shown.

An important condition for further progress in the development of nanobiotechnology in Ukraine can be the recognition of the strategic innovation priority for scientists NAS of Ukraine and Academy of Agricultural Sciences and other academies, ministries and departments of government support at all levels, the complexity of the implementation of such studies, effective protection and preservation of rights to objects of intellectual property commercialization, timely testing and implementation of developments obtained.


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