Bìol. Tvarin, 2016, volume 18, issue 4, pp. 66–71                               http://dx.doi.org/10.15407/animbiol18.04.066


E. A. Mikhaylenko1, O. O. Dyomshina2, G. O. Ushakova2, V. G. Griban1, L. M. Stepchenko1

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

1Dnipropetrovsk State Agrarian-Economic University,
25 Sergey Efremov (Voroshilov) str., Dnipro 49027, Ukraine

2Dnipropetrovsk National University named after O. Honchar,
24 Kazakova str., Dnipro 49010, Ukraine

The article presents data on the effect of the feed additive “Humilid” the general biochemical parameters of blood and liver in broiler chickens of the Cobb 500 cross. It has been shown that chickens which received “Humilid” with the water had an increase of total protein in blood plasma and a water-soluble fraction of liver, the largest part of which is represented with the cytosolic fraction. Total protein in liver gomogenate increased by 15 %, in a water-soluble fraction of liver — by 45 %, thus we can assert an intensification of the synthesis of water-soluble proteins under the influence of humic substances. The data also can indicate an intensification of the use of amino acids for protein synthesis as it has been shown by the increase of the activity of gamma-glutamyltranspeptidase by 17 % which participates in the transport of amino acids into the cell, and ALT — by 20% which indicates the acceleration of transamination reaction.

It has been found that in the period of intensive growth (42 days) the processes of transamination are activated by alanine and pyruvate acid, which are active participants of hepatic gluconeogenesis and muscles glucose-alanine cycle. These data are consistent with a slight reduction in AST activity compared to the chickens from the control group. Such a reduction was observed in the blood plasma and in the liver of research broiler chickens and this can indicate the switching of trancamination process from the use of aspartic acid to alanine in metabolic processes in broiler chickens under the influence of humic substances and in this period of development.

A particularly important role of the liver in protein biosynthesis and metabolism in the tissue characteristics of proteins and amino acids in birds under the application of “Humilid” is showed.


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